Martijn Steenkamp

Martijn Steenkamp

Member of the Supervisory Board
Areas of expertise: finance and control and business operation

About Martijn Steenkamp (1959)

Martijn Steenkamp is a member of the Supervisory Board of Anker Insurance and a member of the board of management of the Stichting Koersvast. In both organizations he acts as a general board member. Areas of expertise with the Supervisory Board of Anker Insurance are finance and control and business operations. In addition, he is a member of the Audit, Renumeration and Risk committee. Other general focus areas are strategy, finance and assets, insurances and reinsurances, compliance, Solvency II, risk management and commerce.

Martijn Steenkamp studied law at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and started his career as entry employee at the coverage department for maritime liability insurances at Post &  Co (P&I) in 1989. Since 1993, he has been employed at Dupi Group B.V. and since 1994 as director under the articles of association of Dupi Risk & Insurance Services B.V. And since 2014 he is chairman of the management team of Dupi Group B.V.

Other positions held by Martijn Steenkamp

Co-founder and board member of the sector-specific platform of European colleagues EPIC (European P&I Correspondents).

First appointment: 1 July 2014
Current term of appointment: 2018-2022

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